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All cancellations must be in writing.  If received less than ninety (90) days of the event date, No Refund will be issued.


Children are to be supervised at all times and are NOT ALLOWED near Blue Lake without an adult.


The Lake House is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the building.  Recepticles for cigarettes and cigars are provided.  Multnomah County Ordinance 556.


In consideration of the nearby residences, any amplified noise or music must be at a reasonable volume.  Renters must comply with directions given by The Lake House Management.  Amplified sound is to end by 10:00pm.


C&J Event Group's OLCC licensed server REQUIRED.  Please check with your insurance company for extra liability coverage for yourselves for the event.  Kegs are permitted to one per 125 guests.  No alcohol may be consumed or poured by a minor.  Alcohol must be kept on The Lake House grounds.  Any illegal uses of drugs will be prosecuted.  Blue Lake Rangers are deputized and have the right to remove anyone abusing rules.


Bubbles OUTSIDE ONLY.  BIRDSEED and RICE ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Please use removable painter's tape when hanging indoor decorations.  Tacks and nails are not allowed on the walls.  Check with staff for outdoor decorations.


No inflatable bouncing devices, no petting zoos, no pyrotechnics and no pony rides are allowed due to potential damage to The Lake House grounds and liability issues.  No dance floor on grass lawn or in parking lot.


Your group may not exceed the posted capacity.  Guests shall not enter Blue Lake park grounds after sunset.


No pets are allowed on the premises

Swimming & Boating:

Designated areas ONLY.  Boating is available by the Blue Lake Boat Consessions